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This campaign has gone through a team transition. The documentation below is current through January 2008. As of Fall 2009 a fresh set of members have taken the project in a broader direction. To see the variety of choices including the Arrent Bush campaign, please go to Thanks again for all your voices and support. We hope the thousands of you will continue in the campaign to NOT BE SILENT.

Peace - The Critical Voice, 2009

Bill Moyers reflects on the recent violence in the Middle East, interviewing activists and showing footage of the March of the Dead from January 6th.

On January 6th over 65 people from different places including NY, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Kentucky joined THE MARCH OF THE DEAD.

We circled the capitol as the swearing in of the new congress took place. At the same time activists in Madison, Wisconsin organized 200 others to create a MARCH OF THE DEAD also calling attention to the cruel,deadly consequences of the criminal military/foreign policies of both the U.S. and Israeli governments. Approximately one hour after the march ended, activists in Washington brought our message inside the halls of congress to the Senate Hart building where we hung five massive banners: three 20' banners saying Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine, one 20'x30' banner saying The Audacity of War Crimes and the final banner again letting them know We Will Not Be Silent. At the time the banners were being hung several of us in death masks created a presence on the floor of the building while others read the names of the dead from Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine including some of the most recent victims in Gaza. Seventeen of us were arrested and charged with unlawful assembly. Video on YouTube


Critical Voice members took part in the The March of the Dead (M19) which began at Arlington Cemetery at 9:30 a.m. at the Womens' Memorial. It then left there in a single file, slow, solemn procession and proceed toward the city, stopping at the nearby site of the war memorials to read the names of the dead for five minutes, in recognition of five years of illegal occupation of Iraq. The procession then continue past the State Department and passed the K Street corridor, the offices of many war profiteers. It broke for an hour then reconverged at the White House, to the Justice Departments, then came to a final convergence at the Capitol reflecting pool. Photographs. One personal accounts of the day.


On September 11th a day or mourning, 5000 Postcards were read aloud on the Capitol lawn with messages from all over the Country to IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY, END THE OCCUPATION AND BRING THE TROOPS HOME NOW. Activists gathered from all over the country to take part. A projection screen displayed images of the atrocities in Iraq and protest in America.

On September 12 a day of rage, at 10 AM, hundreds went to Nancy Pelosi's Office to deliver the thousands of postcards. The reading lasted seven hours as the occupation of the office reinforced the message.

See more pictures of the reading


In a victory for the Constitution, two Transportation Security Authority (TSA) officials and JetBlue Airways have paid Raed Jarrar $240,000 to settle charges that they illegally discriminated against the U.S. resident based on his ethnicity and the Arabic writing on his T-shirt. TSA and JetBlue officials prevented Jarrar from boarding his August 2006 flight at New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport until he agreed to cover his shirt, which read "We Will Not Be Silent" in English and Arabic, and then forced him to sit at the back of the plane. The American Civil Liberties Union and New York Civil Liberties Union filed a federal civil rights lawsuit on Jarrar’s behalf in August 2007.



Eddie Vedder and Ben Harper singing " No More War"at Lollapalooza in Chicago this weekend 8/11. In addition to Vedder and Harper, an Iraq Veteran against the War was present wearing a "We Will Not Be Silent" shirt on stage, along with 30,000 fans singing " No More War".

terrific video !!!


Multiple actions occurred in the early afternoon of April 26th inside the Hart Senate Office Building. Eight New York activists were among the 15 plus arrested. On this day A.R.T.* OCCUPIED THE HALLS OF CONGRESS IN A DRAMATIC TWO-PART ACTION.
First, in a massive distribution, A.R.T.hand-delivered a 20-page tabloid petition to every representative.It contained documentary evidence for indictments, literally putting impeachment back on the table. Then, at 1PM, in a spectacular visual feat, A.R.T displayed the full text of Article II, Section 4 to the Senate as a 30-foot banner drop in the Hart Office Building atrium. A second 30-foot banner read "YOUR SILENCE YOUR LEGACY". Organizers said, "We must magnify the refusal of Congress to uphold the Constitution. Their silence equals complicity in the flagrant crimes of this administration."

For more on this action, contact: *A.R.T. (Activist Response Team) email: ACTION FILM CLIP!


“ENDLESS” WAR: A MEMORIAL Times Square Recruitment Center, NYC - How can you ask another person to be the last one to die for a lie?
At dawn on Sunday, March 11th, 2007, as we approached the fifth year of the invasion of Iraq, people of conscience began reading the names of the war dead, both civilian and military. We continued reading from sunrise to sunset for six days, through Friday, March 16th, 2007. We invited all to join us and read for a period of time, to bear witness to this tragedy and suffering. They are a part of a growing resistance movement demanding an end to the illegal occupation of Iraq and saying “NO” to an attack on Iran.
.More pictures of this action...


The 'Endless' War Memorial

Rayburn White Rose Drop
Nine were arrested on Monday January 29th when they gathered in the courtyard of The Rayburn building in Washington DC to read the names of American and Iraqi war dead. They laid 1,500 white roses and numerous postcards in the reflecting pool. Three held a 20 foot black banner with one word: WAR. They each wore shirts that read "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT" in Arabic and English. Capitol police cleared the courtyard, even threatening the press with arrest.There was a large crowd of supported who sang and cheered as the protesters were escorted out.More pictures

ToddTodd Eaton being escorted out by Capitol police


As the new Congress convenes, New York based activists were present to demand that our representatives put an immediate end to the illegal occupation of Iraq and bring to justice those responsible for a U.S. policy of torture and illegal detentions.These are our first steps to let the members of Congress know that we are watching, and will come back again and again until the war, occupation, torture and detentions stop.

On January 4th, activists entered the Senate Hart building and dropped four billboard size banners to put the110th Congress on notice: we demand accountability now. See Democracy Now! for and footage.

Above:Capitol police removing the 'lies' banner

Tying the Tying the30 foot banner onto the railing.

A T-shirt campaign in Arabic, English, Spanish, Farsi, German and Hebrew. 15,000 shirts and counting
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"We Will Not Be Silent" is a statement attributed to a student-resistance movement in Nazi Germany called The White Rose. It is a statement of purpose, intended to inspire acts of resistance and dissent against a corrupt government that abuses its power, and abandons the rule of law.
All of us who believe in our freedom and that of others, and are against a policy of war, torture and lies, cannot afford to be silent.

The Campaign on Democracy Now! Laurie interviewed by Amy Goodman about the Jarrar incident, our response, and the history of the statement.

Pictured left, Stephanie Schwartz (third from right) at the Staten Island Ferry action.

"Thank You all for the shirt. I plan on giving it as much display time as possible in hopes of spreading your message to others.  Let freedom of speech be seen and heard so truth will prevail.  Thank You again,     Ricardo Ruiz, Santa Cruz, Ca."

We Will Not Be Silent in Mexico

White Roses at January 27th March

More not silent stories...

September 10th at World Trade Center

Our JetBlue Flights

The Granny Brigade in DC and Germany

The Outernational concert in Central Park


Artists Against the War