Action notice:


Nine anti-war protesters were arrested Monday when they gathered in the courtyard of the The Rayburn building to read the names of American and Iraqi war dead. The protesters strewed 1,500 white roses and numerous postcards in the reflecting pool. Three held a 20 foot black banner with one word: WAR. They each wore shirts that read "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT" in Arabic and English. There was a large crowd of supported who sang and cheered as the protesters were escorted out.

The text on the card read: "WE WILL NOT BE SILENT was a statement of The White Rose resistance movement in Nazi Germany. Today we have built a national campaign based on that message. We have delivered white roses to Congress as a symbolic gesture to demand that they end the occupation of Iraq, and bring to justice those responsible for a U.S. policy of torture and illegal detentions. We are determined to restore common decency and the rule of law and we will hold Congress accountable to that task."

The gathering was a coalition of many groups, The Critical Voice, Not in Our Name, The World Can't Wait, Artists Against the War and others.


As the action began, roses were strewn over the ice, then cards were added..
Reading the names Joan, Ann, and Ellen. Holding the banner Elaine, Peter, and Todd.
As the roses were dropped in some people kneeled at the edges of the pool.. Capitol police cleared the courtyard, even threatening the press with arrest.
Media once removed from the courtyard gathered at four entrances.
Those arrested were brought in one at a time.

Supporters stayed to cheer..

The front of Rayburn was shut down as Capitol police collected the materials from the action. The activists were released 9 hours later.