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Above are "photos of our new German shirts taken on 5/29 setting up a memorial day display in Houston, TX and Hermann Park, were we planted flags for each lost soldier in Iraq and Afganastan. Peace" Thomas (Sporkboy) Williams


Above activist at West Point where Vice President Cheney addressed the '07 graduate class


A t-shirt photo from Kate

Above are a few photos from Iran Ann


(letter right)

Hello. I am sorry it has taken a while for me to send this, but you know how the last classes of the last semester of graduate school can be…

Here I am with a stranger/neighbor in Houston, at City Hall, on Good Friday. I participated in the Walk for Justice sponsored by Pax Christi of Houston. Essentially, several social justice groups each present a spoken piece at each of the Stations of the Cross. I participated with my internship site supervisor (Cherry Steinwender-the Center for the Healing of Racism), her two God Children, my mother, an undergrad intern, and her roommate. The Christ, his disciples, both Marys, and Veronica were portrayed by high school students from St. Thomas. It was nice.

Oh well, I just thought that it was the perfect venue for the shirt, so I wore it. Once again, the camera is not kind to me…even when I was thin and young…oh well.

Thank you again! Internalize Oneness!
Rachelle Greene

Oct 31, 2006

I got my We Will Not Be Silent T-shirt in the mail today. For background information, check out my previous post about the controversy behind this shirt. Here's a picture of me modeling it with pride, standing up for civil liberties and democratic principles:

Lee Sean

Nov 14, 2006 Dear all,

unfortunately I can send photos only with so many MB's. Enclosed one photo to remember from Bil'in. The young girl beside me is an Israeli from Jerusalem, who has got the same T-shirt in the states. I'm from Germany and I've got the T-shirt after a demonstration with the "grandma's" in Heidelberg against the Iraq-War

We were demonstrating during the weekly peaceful demonstrations against the Apartheid Wall in Bil'in PALESTINE Friday 27. october 2006. The end was not peaceful at all ! The IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces ) shooted from all sides with tear-gas-bombs, noisy-bombs and also with life munition! Uri Avnery (Gush Shalom) and Arik Asherman (Rabbis for Human Rights) were there too.

I've still problems with my ears. I have to take infusions daily ! A noisy bomb was just beside me. I'v lost on the right sight 50 dezibel of my hearing ! I still hope that it will be better soon.

But I will never be silent ! ! !

Annette Klepzig



Above: Gaya in

As soon as i get one I'll photograph myself wearing it -- everywhere! Courtney (above)

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Abdul Hakeem Hussein, 7, takes a break with Chad Hetman, of No More Victims, during a walk from the Islamic Center through Oakland to Children's Hospital to celebrate Abdul Hakeem's progress and raise money to help rebuild his family home in Iraq. Abdul Hakeem will have surgery today to repair his scars. Read the article By Anita Srikameswaran


After 28 days of fasting, anti-war hunger strikers received a breakthrough victory for their sacrifice: Leading members of the Iraqi Parliament invited fasters to join them to discuss their plans for peace in Iraq. On Wednesday, August 2, hunger strikers traveled to Amman, Jordan to meet with these Iraqi MPs and break their fast. Code Pink in Jordan

Raed Jarrar (pictured above) Read his travel story - An outrageous incident at JFK

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Ann in Times Square Protest

Susan Kingsland Traveling in DC



Emergency Broadcast Artists in a performance at the Queens Museum